I hate Valentine’s Day. By this I mean the commercialized version. In fact, I rag pretty hard on it the days leading up to its celebration.

I love true, genuine love, probably excessively. The compass for this true love is found by the example of one man. “There is no greater love than someone lay down his life for his friends,” if you haven’t heard this yet. Also read 1 Corinthians 13 for the deets.

I also disdain the amount of times I can count, outnumbering both hands, the question of whether or not I’m dating or have anyone “serious” in my life from family members and friends alike. Puke.

To the single person, the holiday of Valentine’s Day has felt and become nothing more than the strangling societal expectations of being in a relationship. This also includes a good dose of inadequacy and defeat if not engaging in the aforementioned. This is ridiculous.

You can be in a relationship and have no love involved. You can also be in a relationship and have nothing but love. On the other end of the spectrum, you can be single and have a life lived fully loved and full of love.

Every time this year I reaffirm my resolve to love, single or not. I’ll be keeping my love on, not just one day a year. I challenge you to do the same, single or in a relationship.

Love hard, love fierce, love through tears, love despite how you feel; love endlessly, love recklessly, love without self-preservation, love when it doesn’t make sense. Love your family, love your friends, love the person you least like; love completely, love when its hard, when you feel lost–whatever the case, love fully and unregretfully.

Screw market-flooded Valentine’s Day, and love every day of the week, despite your marital or dating status, because you and others around you are worth it. Celebrate love daily. Ya hear me?


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