Into The Sea

You made your decision,
That life was worth living,
Without me,
Without me.

Now you’re out of time,
And I’m out of reach.
I swore I would never sing about these kind of things.
Yet you brought the memories;
Rose colored,
with sweet speech.

Didn’t you know?
You have to be careful;
Nostalgia is fool’s gold,
Making the wisest naïve.

You went on without me,
When I was drowning,
Now I’ll throw you into the sea.
Better luck swimming,
Without me,
Without me.

I wonder if she knows
I’m the girl in all the songs you wrote
But both you and her
Will only know of a life
Without me,
Without me.

Cause I made my decision
That life was worth living.
Yeah, I’ll throw you into the sea.
Good luck swimming,
I just want you to know,
I still hope you never sink,
Even without me,
Without me.

I’ll probably write about the backstory to this at some point, but not tonight.




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