Major Keys

You are not your failures. You are not your shortcomings. You are not your weaknesses.

You are not your circumstances.

If you can lay hold of your identity, not defined and confined by your deeds and doings, but who you are becoming it will change everything.

You are not your past, even what happened two seconds, two days, two weeks, two years, twenty years ago. The past does not determine your personhood, personality, or prospective future–unless you give it permission.

Don’t tonight–whenever or wherever you’re reading this.

The minor keys combined with major keys can create something you’ve never imagined or seen. Don’t get stuck on the minors. Learn from them, hear what they have to say, those dark and mistaken places, and allow them to have a purpose by not giving them permission to dominate, but create.

None of us have arrived–surprise! So long as were living, breathing beings, we have the ability to coast or strive.

Hey you, reader, don’t lose heart tonight.


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