Sometimes you gotta just get alone and let it all go. Process and let go of what you can and cannot control. It’s a tough place to be, when you can’t understand or control everything. It’s in a place of confronting that can be so comforting. Common comforts of this world won’t help you control. So yeah, just let go.

I get down to the floor when I can’t hold the world anymore. It’s in the crawl to the floor with my fullest intentions to get to the lowest place that I find miraculous peace meet me, when I bring my need. Sometimes you have to get to the lowest place to be raised, and sometimes it takes more than a brave face. The carpet sinks down deep beneath my collapsing body and the bitter is turned to sweet in a place of surrendering. Light floods into the darkness not when I try my hardest, but when I rest and don’t second guess. Sometimes you’ll find me here, relinquishing fears and thumbing through memories and tears, discovering joy, and ultimately finding my voice. This is the place for sometimes, a river in a desert that won’t run dry and on which I’ll always rely and gravity is defied. I may be on the floor, but I promise I’m sky high, and a breathe always comes just in the nick of time.


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