I’m learning there are some things you can’t outrun. You can’t conquer what you won’t confront.

Sometimes the only escape is to the secret place where only one can see my face. There I can let my hair down and just be me—really free to be me.

Yeah, that’s where I’m really free,

Disconnected from life’s responsibilities and what I can see immediately in front of me.

I’ve been swimming in the disarray lately. But I suddenly become weightless, and here my burdens lift. The ashes I once sifted vanquish.

I bring all the broken things, the rage and anger in me, and walk out redeemed, no longer intimidated by impossibilities. They’re no match for me.

Speaking the things I don’t know how to say, sometimes I scream to communicate the world within. It’s music to the ears of the one who hears.

Suddenly it’s clear, bright as day.

And I was only a second away. Why did I delay? I step into that garden when I close my eyes.

I’m swept up into infinity and beyond. I see and feel an ocean of peace, endless and broad. I can’t see the end. This is heaven.

Yeah, I’ve found heaven.


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