Reservations for Two.

I ran out of merit and into mercy, completely undeserving, this week. And I think I finally found out what “free” means. I found out that peace doesn’t rest on me believing or striving to achieve it, but by simply being. I can’t outrun or drain a love that’s endless. I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not or fit a mold. Pure love takes who you are and doesn’t accredit or discredit you for what you’ve got; it’s loyal and unrelenting every step of the way. I’m learning that hot tears washing off your makeup shouldn’t be despised; it’s taken me a lifetime to finally feel again and cry. And so this just bubbled up:

When you pull me close, 

No, I won’t resist it. 

All my defenses laid to rest, 

When I see your commitment.

I won’t resist you.

When I said I’d “go anywhere, do anything,”

I meant it. 

I won’t turn on my vows;

They’re sure.

When the fire burns,

They’ll shout, “I do, I do,” 

Screaming for you,

“I do love you.”

I see your commitment to me,

And thoughts of reservations flee.

I’m reserving nothing.

Say something.

One word from you breaks the grip of a million failures.

Mercy obliterates the merit I tried to earn;

I have everything I don’t deserve.

I was told old love dies hard,

But they don’t know of a love that grows,

That death can’t part.


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