Me too

I ran past his house again today. Some days it infuriates me more than others. There’s no rhyme or reason to the emotion of it all, and that may be the hardest part. 

I ran last week and was chased by a German Shepherd. My heart began to beat faster and scream, not because I was afraid, but because of what memories it raised. I’m too old to report anything, which may have made the unspeakable easy. These are the things you don’t see. 

The man who raped me continually from 4 to 7 years old held these dogs at his home. He worked in a uniform and swore an oath,  and promised to a code. K9’s were his own.
Man in uniform, you will have no hold on me, and there will be no story left untold of what you’ve done. There will be no song in me left unsung. You played me for a fool, but tonight I say, “Me too.” I say, “Me too,” because silence is the enemy and it won’t find a friend in me. “Me too.”


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