You know 

It could be a lot worse.

“This is not the hardest thing you have done or will do,” is something that pops into my head when I’m running and I still have miles to go and question whether or not I can go another step. 

The truth is I can. 
The matter in question is whether or not I believe I can. Based on how I choose, to agree or disagree, is my limitation. 

I lay up tonight thinking about my friend who told me she has cancer for the second time. 

I think about the men and women who may take their lives tonight by suicide. 

I think about my friend who tells me nightmares that were a reality, and she only wants to sleep, but the experiences still find her in her dreams.

I think about the men and women overseas.

I think about America and contrast it to other places. 

I think about it all, and I’m driven from sleep. 

Sometimes things aren’t always black and white. And what if they can challenge our perspectives and propel us to overcome obstacles and the seemingly impossible, and make mountains be seen as fickle and fleeting. 

Tonight my heart is beating and bleeding for change, an aerial view. But perhaps it’s something we must choose.  


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