Notes: In Case You’re Wondering

I’ve drafted numerous posts basically saying the same thing, all to be digitally crumpled in a ball and thrown into the wall. 

I’m still waiting for the right words to fall.

Here’s a secret: I feel I’ve been speaking without saying a word, rambling empty; a mere echo. 

I think it’s time to shut the door until my voice returns. But I could be wrong. 
I’m inventorying everything. And what doesn’t pass through fire will have to die. Nothing has a safe place to remain, not even the dearest things. I won’t hold onto idolatry.  Ash is never meant to last. 

I didn’t picture this season. Maybe if I did I would have run fast and far. 

Disillusionment is a powerful poison. 

I have a feeling things are just getting raw and started. Mmm, but hope has not departed. 

This blog will be shifting a bit. Stay tuned.


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