Hard to Beet.


I hope you all get some rejuvenation this week to your souls. If you want to feel and get restored in your body too, get those beets.

I couldn’t decide what to make for breakfast this morning. Did I want a Fatty Cake or did I want a smoothie bowl? I thought, “No need to distress over important and life changing decisions…why split hairs?” The answer is eat BOTH.

Using the immersion blender here for the Fatty Cake.

Plus I need the fuel for my long run today. It works. Remember, beets are amazing for endurance in fitness. So I killed two birds with one stone, (anyone love doing that?) and this smoothie is hard to beet.


With the beets you can roast them or boil them and add them to the Smoothie. I like keeping them raw because honestly it tastes like I’m eating ice cream 🍦 for breakfast every day with the creamy, thickness factor. Cooking them would add more moisture and the texture would be different. You could also freeze the cooked beets and use that as your frozen item in the smoothie.

Food can be so beautiful.

When I buy raw beets I buy a couple organic bunches at ShopRite. I immediately cut the greens off at least one of them and freeze them to add to smoothies or cook later. I’ve wasted too many greens because I didn’t eat them in time. 😩 No more of that, thank you!

Creamy Organic Cashew Butter by Once Again.Β See the list of my favorite products here.


Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m a Vitamix addict. For real.Β 

I’m not sure how well raw beets will blend in your standard mixer or blender. I know the creaminess factor is going to be from the quality and high power blending.

Yesterday’s Fatty Cake bowl.

A Vitamix runs about $300 upward. I bought mine from QVC a couple years ago and I was able to make easy payments instead of a huge amount on the front end. The product is worth what you buy. Vitamix is a quality company. They’ve replaced the motor/base entirely once. I apparently burnt it out with all my Bee 🐝 Butters, my nut butter business.

They’ve also replaced the mixing container 3 times and tamp (the mechanism to push food into the blade) once. All FOR FREE and in a quick and timely manner. Anyway, that’s my spiel on Vitamix. So do yourself a favor, invest in your health and smoothie goodness pursuits and scoop one up.

Dressed for the occasion.

But, without further ado, here I drop the beet:

1/3c COYO Coconut Yogurt

3/4 full scoop of Vega Protein SportΒ  —> Get $15 off first purchase here

A slice of raw beet (1/4 in., more or less depending on your tastes)

A handful of frozen beet greens

1/2c frozen roasted delicata squash

Add ingredients in order as listed above and tamp down in a high power blender such as Vitamix or Blendtec, pushing and feeding the ingredients into the blade. Blend until smooth and transfer to bowl, top with Fatty Cake, add berries to decorate, and YUMMO πŸ‘…


xΒ  Rebecca



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