Fatty Cake!

Hey all!

We’re continuing on Gut Health and here’s the first gut health, fitness fuel hybrid recipe that I use. This pancake was not on the GAPS diet until after eating the broths and soups for quite some time. After about a month I tried this 3 ingredient pancake.

This recipe I’m about to share was my favorite thing on the GAPS diet. I still make a rendition of this baby for breakfast.  For the last year I’ve eaten it almost every single morning possible… okay, and sometimes for dinner. I would eat it with dairy free yogurt dolloped atop or sometimes over top of a smoothie bowl if I needed the extra nutrients and fuel when I had really high mileage weeks for running.

Recently I’ve really stuck with smoothie bowls, I love getting creative with them and beautifying them. I have an occasional GAPS pancake to switch things up from the recent smoothie trend. Food tastes better when it is pleasant to the eyes. We actually digest and ingest nutrients better too. So go ahead, play with your food, and make it look good, cause it matters.

We’ve lost the art of the enjoyment and community-breeding culture of food in our modern day busy lives. I hope you get inspired to take moments to nourish yourself and others with food in the purest way.

I’ve made my own twist and modified the original GAPS Protocol pancake. I have tried pumpkin, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts (not kidding, and I loved it) interchangeably for the squash or vegetable base ingredient. I’ve also added in protein powder and ground spices for added health benefits.

A note on trial and error: Thankfully I make the errors and you get to reap the benefits here. Maybe I’ll share my awesome fails at a later time to give you some laughs and prevent you from discovering awful food yourself.

Also, to be honest, I don’t measure my food. The GAPS book doesn’t either for this recipe, if I recall correctly. So these measurements for the recipe are an estimated measure, with the exception of the protein powder, which comes with a measuring scoop.

This is Rebecca’s Gut Protein Pancake, or as I call it, “The Fatty Cake,” in the best of ways. You can even sing the song while making it like I do, “Fatty Cake, Fatty Cake, Baker’s Man, Bake me a Gut Cake as Fast as You Can.” Seriously, just do it to get the whole experience.

I may have lost some readers there. But for those who are still going strong and are refined through my humor, I present the Fatty Cake!


Here’s the run down of what you’ll need:

Nut Butter. I use Cashew, Sunflower Seed, or Almond butter. As I mentioned before, I started making my own nut butters at home. I even have a little butter business going with my Vitamix. But when I don’t have homemade butter I go for 1 ingredient butters.

–> P.S. Do yourself a favor and get a Vitamix. I use mine every day and their customer service, replacement, and warranty are unbeatable. I know. I’ve been tough on my machine and have gotten replacements every single time.

Egg. Cage free & Organic. I try to buy local from the guy down the street from my house. If I haven’t been able to get there in time I’ll pick up at the local store.

Squash It (Or Sprout It Out?). Organic Canned Pumpkin, Roasted Butternut, Delicata, or Acorn Squash, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and if you’re daring enough 2-3 small Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Each texture is different with how much moisture they add, so add more nut butter or protein powder to get a thicker texture.

Protein Powder. I either double the gut benefits with Skinny Gut Probiotic Protein Powder or up my protein intake with Vega Sport Vanilla Protein. ($15 off your first order here). This makes it extra thick, so if you need to add water or coconut oil to mix better, go for it. Without the powder, omit the water.

Fatty Cake Recipe


2 T Unsalted, Nothing-Added Nut Butter

1 Cage-Free, Organic Egg

2-3 T of Organic Squash/Veg

➡️ Canned Pumpkin, Roasted Butternut, Delicata, or Acorn Squash, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, or 2-3 small Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Optional Add-In’s:

1 Scoop Protein Powder

1 T Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Melted in Pan to Grease

1 t Filtered Water

Add Organic Ground Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Ginger, Turmeric. All of these have huge health benefits as well. I am particularly fond of Turmeric to treat inflammation following a hard workout.


Heat cast iron or on-stick pan on medium to high heat. Melt coconut oil in pan for use in pancake or to grease pan if needed.

Place all ingredients together in a small bowl.

Use immersion blender or whisk & blend until smooth.

Note:  The batter consistency should be thick, not watery, or the cake won’t hold. Add coconut oil or water if necessary.

Scoop ingredients into heated pan and cook on medium-high heat until bubbles start to come up to the top of the uncooked side and/or browned. Flip and cook until browned on both sides.

Remove from heat and place on dish. Add cultured dairy or yogurt on top. Sprinkle with seeds, drizzle with honey or maple syrup, add fresh or unsweetened dried fruit, a dash of sea salt & boom.

Mission Fatty Cake: complete. Time to eat.


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