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I get a lot of questions about what I ate and what I eat now. I’ve been covering Gut Health here under the Health hub. The topic of Gut Health is getting much publicity at this time. As studies continue, the value and outer reaches of the gut-brain connection is being revealed more and more. This also means we’re getting more and more products on the market that are catering to this gut-mindful era.

So what do you choose? Here are my go-to’s.

Bone Broth:

  1. Green Street Market Housemade Bone Broth.

-> When my gut is feeling questionable I call and see if they have any on hand, which in the fall and winter they generally do. So thank you, Green Street! Check out their website for their products, sales, and hours.

Try to find a local health food store in your area that does the same! But if no such glory exists don’t despair because number 2 & 3 are amazing and can ship to you.

2. Epic Bone Broth, due to availability in these here parts.

3. Bare Bones Broth.

And of course

4. Homemade.

–> When I lived in Fredericksburg, VA I found a sweet little butcher shop downtown near the University of Mary Washington. I would go buy whole chickens, turkeys, beef bones, marrow, liver.

I only attempted liver once. Once. I think I may have messed it up excellently cooking it, so maybe I’ll try it again within the next decade. Um, no rush.

Organ meats are supposed to be the best for our guts. Sure, that makes sense to me. But I had a hard time stomaching some of it. Eventually through the second phase of the GAPS diet I actually began to crave marrow and the meat skin. It was so bizarre to me. I had done a Daniel fast of no meats and no sweets for the duration of my college years, 5 years, and was not happy on the front end of having to eat all this animal stuff. But I was seriously desperate to eat anything at that point and I really felt peace about it, as uncomfortable as it may be.

I boil whole organic chickens, turkeys, duck, bones and all with a touch of Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother (Try Bragg’s .. I get the big wig.) and add some marrow bones. The fat in the center will come out. I strain after boiling. Some times I eat the marrow straight or blend it with the broth. You can freeze the broth for later, which I do so I can pull from it for any flare ups or colds or sickness that might try to creep in. It’s liquid gold, I tell you. The shimmery fat content contains minerals.

 Bone Broth Proteins are Bomb too.

  1. Vital Proteins –> Get my discount here.
  2.  Ancient Nutrition

These are amazing. Right now I’m using Vital Proteins the most, their green tub of Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin powder and the blue tub of Collagen Powder. This is Skin, Hair, Nails, Immune, Gut health. I put the gelatin in my coffee, of all things, and blend it with coconut oil and pure stevia drops. It creates the creamiest, frothiest coffee known to mankind. I use drip, espresso, or AeroPress. See video below.

Ancient Nutrition has some great flavors–pure, turmeric, coffee, banana creme, cinnamon apple, vanilla, and chocolate, mmm–and I’ve used them, but currently my subscription is to Vital Proteins. I order pretty much my entire life on Amazon Prime. So if I don’t directly mention the seller, Amazon is probably where it came from.


I’m Allergic to Dairy…But Give Me Yogurts.

   Seriously, I have a bad allergy. In fact, I have unknown allergies that the doctors can’t pinpoint that I’ve gone into anaphylaxis over, but dairy is one trigger. So I carry an EPI pen and never hope to use it. If you can eat dairy, more power to you. But is it helping or hurting you?

Stick to raw, unprocessed and cultured dairy versus conventional dairy products. The gut health benefits of whole, unprocessed and cultured dairy are fantastic.

So many options, how does one choose? Look at the ingredients. What is it made of? Does it have sugar added to it?  Try to stick to organic and grass fed for your dairy choices. Don’t forget that what you’re about to ingest is about to effect your brain, emotions, body, and it’s a direct investment into YOU, and in turn all the spheres and people that you influence.

Now onto the Yogis!

  1. COYO Coconut Yogurt.

Why is it the best? Because it only has 3 ingredients. THREE, PEOPLE, THREE! Food should be this way all the day.

Don’t mind the nutritional yeast hanging on my finger. It sought the photo-op.

I picked this baby up from Green Street Market one day. Any local health food store should be able to get quality items such as this one for you. Green Street extra special to me because they do this. You can also look on COYO’s website here to find a vendor near you.

      2.  Make Your Own.

I know, I know…my initial thought when all the gut resources told me to make my own almond milk and cultured foods was something like, “Yeah, sure, just let me spend hours a day making food. Easy for you to say. You’re crazy.”

I think it was primarily the intimidation factor of never having done something within that realm that did it. But I thought it would be worth a shot to at least say I tried it, whatever the food experiment was for that week. Working in the food industry and an organic market where we made 30 pounds of sauerkraut and jugs of homemade almond milk was a good push for me to start doing it for myself even more. What took me 10 minutes then began to take me 5 minutes. Just as with anything in life, after repeating it becomes mindless. Starting is the hardest part. You may say the same thing I said above.

BUT LISTEN BELOVED READER, you’re not expected to start making twelve million things and change everything over night. Take 30 minutes if that’s all you can find during the week and make something new or pick one food to makes. Invest in your health, sow and you will reap. If you’re reaping bad stuff now in your body, it may be related to what you sowed hours, days, weeks, months, or years ago. If you start sowing further in the right direction, little by little or if you’re that all or nothing guy or gal, just start sowing the good seed of healthy choices. You won’t ever look back and regret making healthy choices.

HOW TO: Add a bio-available probiotic capsule to your almond milk or what-have-you or get a Dairy Free Yogurt Starter Kit (only buy it once and use the last of your previous batch to start the next, Green Street or Amazon.com carry this product.)

It’s cheaper. It’s really not that hard. I promise. The quality is the difference. It’s worth a try. Try it with kids for a fun project, it’s a great way for them to learn about real food and to feel a part of sustaining their family.


I hope you got that reference, people.

When in doubt ‘Kraut it out. I seriously love this stuff. Cabbage is magical, undoubtedly, and so good for your gut health. Here are my top products, second of course to housemade. It’s so cheap and easy to do yourself, as is the almond milk & yogurt.

– I will be posting Almond Milk Recipe and directions, perhaps with video tutorials made with love, so stay tuned.

  1. Make it Yourself.
  2. Farmhouse Culture
  3. Bubbies

Well, this is the short list. I will post periodically my favorites, so keep in touch under the Health Hub and Gut Health.

What are some of your favorite Gut Health products?

Here is an Amazon List of the Products highlighted in this post.